Sunday, January 8, 2012

Say Happy New Year 2012 from Bandung! :)

Just had time for blogging in this early 2012.

Btw, I had a great quality time in New Year Eve 2011 with my Big Family in Bandung. Yeah Tarigan's Big Family. We had some events in New Year Eve 2011. My aunt made some foods for dinner, me and some of my cousins made Ice of fruit. We also made "Sate" and Burn's Corn.

After made these all, we had another quality time. Yup, Closing Year 2011 and Welcoming Year 2012 Service at home with Big Family. Honestly, we didn't have time to buy some gifts for exchanging with others. It's not a problem btw!

After that, we made our new resolutions for 2012. We are ready for 2012! Let's reach them all in 366 days ahead! :)

Thank You Lord for the quality time that You've given to my family. I love you Tarigan's Big Family :)

Happy New Year 2012 everyone! :)

Eve :)

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