Monday, May 30, 2011

Facts About Me #factsaboutme

I'm trying to know myself deeper. And may you get to know me more as well. Here are some facts about myself:

I'm Indonesian.
I'm Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ.
I like willing to share God's word to encourage other people and cheer them up.
My full name is Berta Evelyne Natalia Tarigan. You can call me Eve. 
Berta was given by my aunt (means: Beru Tarigan, genus in Karo Bataknese).
Evelyne was given by my dad (he said that Evelyne was a pastor, he wanted me to be looked like her).
Natalia was given by my mom (because I was born on Christmas month).
I'm the first child in my family and I have one younger brother named Felix.
♥ I'm not smart, but I'm trying to be smart.
I have passion in Korea. I've been in it about 9 years till now. 
When I started to going to school, my dad told me that I should be the best. And I'm trying hard till now.  
In Senior High School I took Sains Class, when I loved Social Class.
I got scholarships about one semester in senior high school. 
I wanna be an accountant and took Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia but God says another.
Now I'm studying at Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, Semarang.
I like SHINee (Korean Boyband). The most I like was Onew (Lee Jinki).
I have gastric pain.
I picked green as my favorite color.
I listen to Worship Song and Kpop.
Sometimes I can be a selfish person. 
I love to swim. 
I don't like to wait, but people often make me wait.       
I dislike carrot.
Singing is my world.
I wanna can play Piano and Guitar.
I can read and write Hangul and can speak a little bit Korean. But sometimes I don't understand about the meaning of it. 
I've learned Deutsch for 3 years but I didn't understand anything of it.
I'll laugh for a long time when saw something fun.
I like to search scholarships and share it with everyone. 
Sometimes I prefer to work alone.
I don't like someone who only took the job done without doing anything and someone who didn't talk what should I do for them.
When I wanted something I'll fight hard to get it.
I'm a moody person.
My favorite song are Shout to the Lord by Hillsong and Replay by SHINee.
I'm afraid of heights.
I built kpop online store to collect some moneys.
I often have a mouth ulcer.
I use Blackberry and Nokia.
I've been registered in many social network sites. 
I wear glasses because my eyes have a minus 4 and a half cylinder.
When I have a problem I'll try to look tough in front of people, but when quiet and alone I'll cry in my room.
I really love my family, but I can't express my affection in front of them.
I prefer to the mountains than the beach.
I lost some of my childhood photos because my house flooded in 2002. 
I dislike pineapple.
In Senior High School I joined a Christian Organization named KBSK SMAN 3 Tangerang & worked as a Secretary for one period. 
For several times I was elected to be an Event Organizer of Christmas Celebration.
When working on something in the team, I would look confused. But I'll finish the job properly. 
I have 165cm heights and 50kg weights. 
I like remembering the past and will suddenly shed tears.
When I was dreaming while sleeping at night, I'll try to remember about my dreams when I woke up in the morning.
I wear braces.
I wanna have a shop on the edge of a large highway. 
I wanna go to South Korea, Japan, France, London, and Italy. 
I prefer to flat shoes than high heels. 
I like smart and funny boys.
I have many dresses, but rarely wear them. 
My favorite food was Rendang.
When I met new people, I just talked a little and more quiet. Most of them thought that I was a snob person.
When I've known someone in a long time I would do something strange that make them laughed for a long time.
I wanna make a Young Christian Organization whose activities include: service, deepening of the bible, make youth events, etc. 
When I was in holiday I can spend a full day with my laptop.
While watching Korean drama I could cry suddenly and after that laugh suddenly.
I have best friend from Philippines. Her name is Alyssa Nicole Alumno. @alysingsung
When I was in senior high school I have 4 best friends: @debyscs @SanyaNisa @audreyagatha & Kiki. We named it "SG". Lol. 
In university I got 8 best friends. 9ers @fiepohon @amaretzabegam @NextXies @aidarypid @lv_ddy @eviyaki @trianaangelica & bebe.
When I liked something, I will learn and master it quickly. 
My favorite book is "Heaven is So Real" by Choo Nam. 
If there's a rule, I will try hard to obey it. 
Bookstores are my favorite places while coming to the mall. 
When I was alone, I'll listen to music with using the earphones while reading the book or sleeping.
I was born in December 9th, 1992. 
I have O blood type.
I've ever won several singing competitions. And always be the 2nd winner.
When I failed and won something, I'll be alone, pray, and cry. 
I wanna bring mom, dad, and my brother to Jerusalem with the results of my own hard work. (But mom has gone to the Lord). 
I ever slept with glasses until waking up in the morning. 
I like to see the sky and imagine the shape of clouds. 
When alone at home I would turn on all lights.
I like to drink yogurt.
My mom passed away on 2nd March, 2011.

That's all facts about my self. Let me know yours, guys! Let's be friends! :-)                                                            

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