Monday, February 25, 2013

"Top Secret" Movie Told Us About Reality

 "Top Secret" Movie (The movie was really recommended to be watched)

This boy played as Aitthipat in "Top Secret" Movie.
His name: Pachara Chirathivat (handsome, right?)

The real "Aitthipat" with his product "Tae Kae Noi" Fried Seaweed

One of Tao Kae Noi Fried Seaweed Product

When I was in Depok, I watched movie titled "Top Secret". A Thailand Movie which told us about the struggling of young man with his business: fried seaweed snack.

Today I went to Carrefour, then I saw snack named "Tae Kae Noi" Fried Seaweed. With green wrapping. A snack from Thailand.

I tried to connect Fried Seaweed in Carrefour with a Fried Seaweed which in the "Top Secret" Movie. Because both of them are from Thailand. When I searched "Tae Kae Noi" Fried Seaweed on Google, evidently the founder name of "Tae Kae Noi" Fried Seaweed was same with the founder name of snack in the "Top Secret" Movie.

The founder name was "Aitthipat Kulapongvanich". When I read the article, evidently the "Top Secret" Movie was appointed from real story.

Aitthipat or known as Tob was born on 1985. Fried Seaweed is a successful company was founded in 2004 with first cooperation with 7Eleven. It meant, he was 19 years old when the company was founded.

Now, that Fried Seaweed Snack has already reached the world market. Included Indonesia. In Indonesia one sheet of Fried Seaweed was about three thousand rupiahs.

Although now Aitthipat or Tob has already succeed, there must be a price that he should paid. There were previous failures, energy, sweat, money that come out. Even Tob was desperate, but he continued to get up and fight.

Yeah, Young Entrepreneur is really needed nowadays. So if we had a passion there, don't ever waste it.

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