Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear My Family, PMK FH UNDIP :')

When I can’t find a place to stand. When I am lost inside a storm. They unchangingly gave me love and courage. To them, I send my thanks.

There were times when I felt alone. Many of my past days were filled with crying. How painful must it have been for you. How hard must it have been for you.

Are you dreaming the same dream as I am? Are you really looking at the same place as I am? Only that can heal the pain from the bruises of the world. If only we take care of each other.

If there are people who are in despair in front of us. We need to be great strength to help them get up again. Because they will need the hand of a family.

Now I finally realize till my life ends, till the world ends, we will be together forever. Just as small hearts together become great strength.

We believe that we're one. Let us create happiness together till the day we become the light to this dried up world. I♥U, :''')

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