Sunday, May 20, 2012

List of Dreams! ♥

There are many things that would be achieved this year. Although it has been five months of this year, it's never too late to dream. Things that I want to accomplish in this year are:

1. Serve God more. (Blessed to be blessing).

2. Meet up again with family in North Sumatera (Although on February I've met them for my dad's wedding day, I need to meet up all my families again, yeah a complete family. I miss grandpa, aunts, uncles, and all my cousins so badly). I hope we can meet again, FAMS :')

3. Get a good score in academic, and certainly with a good process too. (As we know that maintaining was harder than getting).

4. South Korea for real! Saving & Praying :'D

5. More able to play guitar and keyboard. Practice harder!

6. One of scholarships that I asked, accepted! Amen :'D

Six dreams above has represented all my dreams. The important things are God's name be glorified and all my family are happy and proud to have me as part of their lives ♥

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