Monday, August 6, 2012

Alley29 Bazaar! :)

July 28th, 2012
Alley29 Bazaar Day One

I didn't plan for going to there. I just knew about the news that there will be Alley29 Bazaar in Plaza Indonesia. I contact my friend to join me for going to that bazaar. And she accepted to join. We both went there with public transportation at 1PM.

After arrived there at 3PM, we took a picture at @iwearUP tree by @dianarikasari. What a cute tree!
We both bought nice top from one booth named Periwinkle Etude. We visited all booths which have been there. Suddenly, my friend was called by someone. She was asked for answering question. And she did it! She got voucher about 700k rupiahs from PM Beauty School. Congratulation dear! :)
Before went out from the bazaar, we tried the lucky draw by Alley29. Hope we're the lucky one. We went out from the bazaar about 6PM.

Then we decided to had a dinner in Grand Indonesia. We had dinner in Mie Tarik Laiker. After that we visited some shops for buying our need. We went out from GI about 9PM. It's time for going back home!
After arrived at home, I got message from Alley29 Bazaar Committee. They said: "Congratulation! You're the winner of lucky draw Alley29 Bazaar. You got one iPod Shuffle for free! Back here tomorrow at 2PM. Thankyou."

Ah, Thank You Lord. What a lucky day ever! I'm blessed :')

July 29th, 2012
Alley29 Bazaar Day Two

I came back to the bazaar for taking the iPod Shuffle voucher from EMAX. After got the voucher, I visited some booths but got nothing. I decided to go back home.

Thank You Lord. Thank you Alley29. Thank you EMAX.

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